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Here at Artistic Painting Studio, we are always looking for new retailers to add our collection of products to what they currently offer!

Learn about becoming an APS retailer below.
What products are offered to retailers?
Our ArtsSyVille Embellishments, Metallic Foils, Decorative Rollers, stencil brushes and our stencil collections are the different products we wholesale.

Check out our collections more by clicking the photos at the bottom of this page.
What is the benefit of being a retailer?
Our products allow businesses to grow their product lines; bringing many different options to their current clientele. 
What discount does a retailer receive?
Our retailers receive standard wholesaling pricing of 40% off suggested retail price.
What are the requirements? 

Our retailers must have either a physical retail location or an online storefront.

The opening order minimum is $1,000 and the yearly minimum orders total is $3,000 to maintain retailer status.

Our retailers are required to run a fair, honest, and ethical business and not upholding these standards will result in immediate termination of contract.

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    ArtsSyVille Embellishments
    These products were developed to enhance your painting & crafting experience. This line has 9 different mediums, Glitter, Mica Flakes and more. 
    Metallic Foil Collection
    Our Foil Collection has an extensive list of foils varying in colors, patterns, holographics and more! Plus, we are always adding to the list of foils we offer.
    Decorative Art Rollers
    Our rollers are the perfect product when you are looking to add texture and patterns to your project! We offer two different types of rollers, Stamping for positive application and Fauxy for negative application. Our collection includes over 50 different patterns!
    Artistic Painting Studio started out as The Stencilled Garden over 30 years ago and we continue to carry a large line of stencils. We have two collections: the Black & White Collection & the Stencilled Garden Collection. We also offer stencil brushes in 5 different sizes.
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