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by Artistic Painting Studio

Foil Club is a monthly subscription that caters to the needs of creatives and crafters alike. With this exclusive membership, you'll receive a carefully curated selection of metallic transfer foils delivered right to your doorstep every month, ensuring you never run out of inspiration or supplies.

Each month, you can expect a delightful assortment of high-quality transfer foils, hand-picked to reflect the upcoming holidays and seasons, allowing you to stay ahead of the creative curve. Not only does the Foil Club provide you with a convenient and discounted way to stock up on essential foils, but it also guarantees that you'll always be prepared to add that extra touch of sparkle and shine to your projects.

Foil Club:

○ 10 feet of foil in monthly collection
○ Monthly collection ships for FREE
 ○ 10% discount code to use on all orders from the APS website

Cost = $27.50 per month
Retails value of $35 + Shipping

mini CLUB - 5 Feet

○ 5 feet of foil in monthly collection
○ Monthly collection ships for FREE
**No access to 10% discount

Cost = $17.50 per month

Foil Club Member Perks:
 Save Money 
Get your favorite transfer foils at a discounted price every month! Not only are your foils discounted, but they also ship for FREE! That's right, saving all the moolahhhh 😍
Curated Collections 
Jenn curates the most beautiful collections with upcoming holidays & seasons in mind. You will be ready for every upcoming holiday you are going to make projects for 😁 She takes care of all the planning and makes sure you are stocked up before you even think to!!
 Discount Code for All APS Orders 
Save money on every order you place at APS! Get all your favorite APS Crafting and DIY supplies at a discount 🥳 Each month you’ll get a new discount code to use on all your APS orders! You will find this code on your monthly postcard. [this is not included in mini club]
 Happy Mail!! 
Who doesn't love treating themself?? Treat yourself to a little something special every month! Never run out of your favorite APS foils, and give yourself a crafty surprise 🤗
 Private FB Community 
A private FB community for you to share all your beautiful foiled projects, get inspiration for projects, and ask questions! We love getting to see your amazing projects and this allows us to not only see them, but share them with our 1,000s of followers 🤩 Everyone needs to see your beautiful artwork! We will also have Foil Club Only Events hosted in this private community!
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Start your subscription before the timer runs out to receive this month's foil collection!

Foil Club
May Foil Collection
Asterisk* denotes brand new foil to our APS collection.
Fifth Avenue
Moody Sunset
Ace of Shades
Feelin' Berry Glam
Foil Club
10 feet of foil - $27.50 per month
mini Club
5 feet of foil - $17.50 per month


How much does the Foil Club cost?

The Foil Club is a recurring monthly subscription. The cost is $27.50/month + FREE shipping. (Retail value of $35 + Shipping)

Can I join if I live outside of the US?

The Foil Club is only available for U.S. and Canadian Residents.
If you live in Canada, the shipments are sent quarterly to reduce shipping cost. Learn more or sign up, here!

What do I get with my subscription every month?
Every month you will get 10 feet of foil. This will usually be 2 feet of 5 different foils, but could vary. Just know you are going to be getting some fun patterns and colors each and every month!
Do I get to choose my foil color or patterns?
Sorry, the answer is no. Every month will be a different combo of foils from our incredible collection! Our amazing team will be choosing some awesome foils that will WOW you every month!
How do I save 10% on my APS orders?
Once you have joined you will receive the current discount code in an email. Enter that code at checkout to save! 
When will I be charged?
You will be charged the day you sign-up for the Foil Club, and then every month going forward you will be charged on the 5th of the month.
When will I receive my foils?
Each month will we will ship out all orders between the 6th and the 8th. 
Does this include Foil Adhesvie?
No, your monthly subscription is for foils ONLY. You will have to purchase Foil Adhesive separately and can do so when you sign up!
Can I cancel and how do I cancel my subscription?
Yes, you cancel you membership at anytime. However, you must cancel prior to your next month's renewal date - we will not refund for collections we have already mailed.
Please email the team at - support@artisticpaintingstudio.com - and we'll make sure to cancel your subscription. 
Can I return my foils?
Foil Club is final sale. There are no returns.
Previous Foil Collections
Some collections are available on our site here.
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